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COS Cité de L’Océan et du Surf

Solange Fabião in collaboration with Steven Holl Architects
principal architects: Solange Fabião, Steven Holl
(all rights reserved to SHA)

‘This new museum intends to raise awareness of oceanic issues and to explore educational and scientific aspects of the surf and sea and their role upon our leisure, science, and ecology.

The project is comprised of a museum building, exhibition areas, and a plaza, within a larger master plan. The design concept is based on the idea ‘under the sky/ under the sea.’

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Architecture / Design 2011
2010painting10 2010 Painting Series

A period of the year 2010 is registered in this series of 29 paintings.

Materials/Media: acrylic and red beet extract on plywood - 30cm x 30cm

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Painting 2010
Being-Human-1a Being Human

The title is apparent.
It is taped shut, leaving its content contained and free.

Can we read it?

I wonder what kind of taste it has.
What kind of liquid this is and what type of effect it causes…

Can we drink it?

Yes, we can(ned)!

Materials/Media: digital print edition and tapped-off book "Being Human"

Conceptual - various mediums 2009
Path-to-HH Elementar no. 1 – Path to Henry Hudson

This trajectory attempts to stimulate within the visitor a sense of physical and mental discovery - in opposition to the modern experience of crossing a tunnel or a bridge, where the objective is only to go from one end to the other. Here a sensorial reading of land mirrors vicissitudes of life as journey – Henry Hudson’s, his crew or ours.

This is the first installation of a series that could be placed in many different sites and each would be a particular experience.

Materials/Media: certified plywood and yellow paint

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Architecture / Design 2009

Materials/Media: Acrylic and pigment on paper

Painting 2008
AM_photoseries08 AMAZÔNIA (Projecting on Black)

The digital c-prints are stills extracted from the HD-video Series A M A Z Ô N I A (PROJECTING ON BLACK). The images show a brink of light in the Amazon. The specific moment before light break and full darkness is seen in the photographs as equal giving no distinction from morning to night. It shows us dawn and dusk in the Amazon at its limit, it indicates that the rainforest will eventually appear or disappear.

Materials/Media: C-Prints mounted on aluminum - 26.5

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Photography 2008
Odysseus_Sirens SIREN(E)S

Last winter, I heard a woman’s scream pierce the cold, dry air of the City. It paralyzed me and I immediately turned to my taxi driver to ask if he too had heard it.

It was an ambulance leaving Saint Vincent’s Hospital.

SIREN(E)S - By substituting an unexpected woman’s voice in place of a siren, an alarming primal sound is immediately humanized, while bringing a new sense of awareness to what is otherwise an all too common and typically disturbing experience. In doing so, a distinct event touches the soul, awakening deeply our emotions alerting our instinct beyond fear.

Project under development

Materials/Media: Public art project - from city streets to virtual mapping

Conceptual - various mediums 2008 -
They-billboardTextArt Billboard Text Art


Communications, Contemplations and Confrontations


Global art / Public art 2007
installation @ Western Bridge - Seattle-2008 AMAZÔNIA (Projecting on BLack)

The series consists of 14 HD videos that were shot in the Amazon region during the dry and wet seasons of 2006 and 2007. The single-direction videos present unedited the dramatic changes that occur during sunrise and sunset. A M A Z Ô N I A serves as a living landscape that creates an immersive effect upon the viewer, there is no sound beyond the ambient polyphony of the rainforest and no silence. By projecting on a black-painted surface, Fabião unites the medium of painting to that of video and, in doing so, reveals a new kind of depth to the projected image while also exploring the extremes of darkness and light.

Materials/Media: By projecting on a black-painted surface, Fabião unites the medium of painting via its physical presence to that of video and, in doing so, reveals a new kind of depth to the projected image while also exploring the extremes of darkness and light.

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HD Video / Painting 2006 -

Rio de Janeiro > Miami < Nanning-Shanghai

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Global art / Public art 2006
Casino-Macau-250706c Geode Macau – Casino

The project's intention is to explore the beauty and lightness of gemstones and their capability of integrating the inside and the outside spaces. While looking deeply into a sapphire or a ruby one should imagine being inside of it, and having the feeling of clarity within and a surrounding of layers of transparency, light and information that can be activated at any time upon casino’s entertainment program. We propose a range of possibilities of variations of energetic rooms. Like a necklace these rooms have autonomy as well connectivity. A visitor may walk from the diamond room passing to the tourmaline central space...
The hotel is composed of two asymmetrical towers that relate formally to each other in an elegant way. They act as a continuum both rising from the “gem-base,” bringing subtle faceted lines toward the top of the towers. This building is an apparition from any approaching angle.
Not finalized.

Architecture / Design 2006

Nanning Shanghai > New York City, Chinatown

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Global art / Public art 2005

Materials/Media: Acrylic on paper

Painting 2005
beijingmoscow Beijing-Moscow

Short 1'20" - Beijing - Moscow

Materials/Media: Video

Video 2005
Soficci Soficci – InstanTouch

A series of door handles created as a result of Fabião's participation in the design research group ISpace for analyzing the new material levagel in the year 1998. Fabião developed the concept InstantTouch, finding the door handle as the appropriated place for applying the new material. The door handle was produced by Olivari in Italy and is a feature at the Loisium Hotel in Langenlois Austria.

Architecture / Design 2004
highline-2004 High Line Competition

Designer and artist consultant for the project team Steven Holl Architects with Hargreaves Associates and HNTB. (All rights reserved)


Proposal includes "Highlighting the Line" 2003

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Architecture / Design 2004

New York > Beirut < Nanning / Shanghai

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Global art / Public art 2004
democracy-was-2004 Democracy was


Materials/Media: Laser-cut on Plexiglas

Poetry / Text 2004
SelectedSentences04 Selected Sentences

Text excerpts of the review "Numbing Documentation" by Marja-Leena Hyvärinen on Solange Fabião: Transition NYC_Tornio at The Aine Art Museum, Jan 17th — Feb 23rd 2003. It is an audio-phonetic collage. Selected sentences from the critique are made audible by combining independent spoken words into a phrase to report the text.

Materials/Media: Audio Collage and video piece

Conceptual - various mediums 2004
roundsquare-table-SF RoundSquare line

Table design for RoundSquare line.

Architecture / Design 2004
RoundSquare-hanldle04 Door Handle design

In 2004 Fabião developed two lines RoundSquare and Copas line, for door handle design with the application of the pliable material levagel. It was part in the concept to integrate lighting to one the lines. Soficci manufactured by Olivari was the result of this work. Fabião has as well worked as interior designer and furniture designer.

Architecture / Design 2004
CassaDiRisparmio Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze

For this collaboration with Steven Holl Architects Fabião develops the concept and design for the garden for the complex Cassa di Risparmio. The design is driven by the dialogue between digital and classical design forms. The “digital-classic” garden in Florence is to integrate tradition and innovation, combining the most important aspects of Florence’s public spaces.
The digital classic language relates the digital 0 / 1, the very symbols of our digital age to the square / circle (extended.) This graphic alphabet was then applied to the building's formal language.
Among other features the design stresses two basic types of circulation in the garden area. The first is a rational one that leads to shorter walks and onto a direct path that crosses through the gardens and water pools reaching its final destination. The second one is a labyrinth, where the visitor has the option of choosing a free-walk pattern to visit the various types of gardens.
(All rights reserved to SHA)

Architecture / Design 2003
wine-center-section-02 Loisium Visitors Center

For the Loisium Visitors Center project in Langenlois Fabião contributed with the site analyses and concept development for the hotel and winery focusing on the building integration through building's 5 degrees tilt connecting the underground vaults system to the in ground visitors Center and to the above ground hotel, determinant for the building's geometry and space. Receiving a New York AIA Project Award in 2003. (All rights reserved to SHA)

Architecture / Design 2003
Highlighting-the-Line2003 Highlighting the Line

The public art project was included in the proposal for the High Line competition in NYC. Fabião was part in the Steven Holl Architects Team with Hargreaves Associates and HNTB as consultant for design. Her concept Highlighting The Line was selected by the New Yorker magazine in 2004 as one of the two best images to represent the competitors.

Materials/Media: LED running light for the underside of the high line

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Architecture / Design 2003
NJP Nam June Paik Museum Competition

Two arms of projection, penetration through the Nam June Paik world toward the Future.
The Museum body has two projecting arms with screens at the ends. The main arm is dedicated to the NJP collection. The folded arm is "changing exhibition space" and connects back to the main NJP. A sunny café terrace at one of the entrances is sheltered by the main projecting arm.

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Architecture / Design 2003
Broadway-still TRANSITIO SERIES imaging

The form of filming of the TRANSITIO Series is accumulative. It absorbs reality from high-speed to immobility producing a wide range of type of imagery from filmed cities.

Materials/Media: Digital print edition on archival paper - 59 1/2

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Digital print 2003
5thand42ndtower2002 Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street Tower

For this collaboration with Steven Holl Architects Fabião defines the principal axis that will characterize the building's structure and geometry. It is an urban integration that leads to the “open book” plan. In this way the building interacts diagonally to the Public Library and with a "rounded corner" it reinforces a fluid connection from 5th Avenue to Grand Central Station. Fabião develops as well the concept and design for the space at the top of the tower, the “Latitude Plateau.”
(All rights reserved to SHA)

Architecture / Design 2002
SnorkelBob! Snorkel Bob!

Short video of an encounter with a snorkel at a beach in Hawaii

Video 2002
swimmingingreen-solar Swimming in Green

solar or wind powered projection

In March 2002 I went swimming in the green waters of Sian Ka'an with my camera.


The video shows what we rarely see.
When swimming in the sea we close our eyes and feel the water.
Here we feel the water with our eyes.

Video 2002
ed-es123 ED-ES

ED - ES (empty desert - enclosed substance)

The installation intent to create an unconscious awareness for the problem of the End of the Empty Space, absence of boundaries that exists even by facing enclosures or disconnection.
Moving image, sound and laser will create an environment that evokes the understanding and experiencing of this problem, the one of what spatiality now means, a complex interlocking of meaning, dynamism expressed in a complex layering of de/compressions.
Interlocking of meaning
Interlocking: To connect together (parts of a mechanism, for example) so that the individual parts affect each other in motion or operation.
Aleatoric Time
Aleatoric: Using or consisting of sounds to be chosen by the performer or left to chance; indeterminate:
Continuous search x amazement

Materials/Media: laser beam, glass tube, oil and projection screen

Video 2002
Upbuilding2001 Upbuilding

In this second collaboration for a Sky Scraper with Steven Holl Architects a crane-like design bridges two building at the Harbor front pointing "From the City to the Sea."

Site & public meaning - Sited on the Harbor front with magnificent views toward Finhav and the Baltic Sea, the new “Upbuildings” have equally wonderful panoramic views of the capital. Copenhagen is a city with one of the most beautiful harbors and skylines in Northern Europe.

These buildings give back a public experience and a public space unlike the typical highrise or skyscraper. Their presence on the skyline becomes a positive expression of a new public place. Rising 21 floors (76m) to a skybridge, they express a collective “pair” distinctly different from the show of corporate power.
(All rights reserved to SHA)

Materials/Media: 3D rendering - S.F.

Architecture / Design 2001
keep-reasoning-2001 Keep Reasoning

Text Piece

Poetry / Text 2001
I-belong Transition Captured – I Belong

An interactive seesaw where the visitor has the option of walk up and down the ramp while reading text and feeling surface and balance.

Solange Fabião in collaboration with Natasha Makowski
presented at Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NY
Jello, curated by Max Henry
Jan. 13th to feb. 17th 2001

Materials/Media: metal structure, printed text under gel flooring pads and fluorescent light with red gel

Sculpture / Installation 2001
I-belong-text I Belong

I belong
living light
Into depth... Clear
Am I all alone?
hold me
Am I within you?
for every first
and next
I feel
rolling in soft light...
on living light_new

Poetry / Text 2001
2000painting Untitled

Painting series 2000

Materials/Media: oil on canvas - 28 x 23 in

Painting 2000

From 2000 until 2006 Fabião has filmed many cities from the passanger point of view creating the series TRANSITIO: Tokyo, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Paris Shaghai, Nanning, Mexico City, London are among the filmed cities.

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Global art / Public art 2000 -
video-sculpture Duration: 1 hr and 3 min. Location: 17.3 miles

Symphony Diagonal: A Film by Solange Fabião
New York, April 2000
Yehuda E. Safran

..."Ever since Leon Battista Alberti we have had to confront an infinite field of possibility, when conceiving of the relation of the interior to the exterior, or vice versa. The relation itself becomes apparent in the reassuring sense that art is indeed all that exists inside the frame. The bars of rectilinear primary colors are nothing but diagonal forces that move across the surface of the canvas. Compared with the theoreticians of neoplasticism to an architectural plane, they provide a frame without being a limit. They incessantly reappear at the margin of our field of vision or alternatively as the fragment of a vast, infinite space that we are hardly capable of inhabiting except as a thing of the mind.

The frame through which we are invited to see, hear, and contemplate Broadway is a traveling diagonal, a derive that cuts through the grid of Manhattan. This is a camera in defiance, a camera that rebels against the close grain epic of a city refusing to line itself up or down. With Solange Fabião’s camera we penetrate the island, we cross through, she puts us on the path of this place, with a certain step, crossing the threshold. We are put on a path of an impossible passage, indeed the non-passage that exist only in the mind, the event of watching, which no longer has the form of the movement that consists in passing, traversing, or transiting. It is the event that has no longer the form or the appearance of the original step she made, when she boarded the taxi armed with the camera. Her pace, her rhythm, this zigzagged passage, we can take it as an invitation to a certain experience of hospitality, as the crossing of the threshold by an observer who is free, or not, to come."

Materials/Media: video sculpture - black painted wood and screen

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Sculpture / Installation 2000 -
Cidade-da-Cultura-de-Galicia Cidade da Cultura de Galicia – Competition

FUSION - The open dynamic of the New City of Culture is expressed in "Fusion Plans." The institutions transcend autonomous entities - they fuse with each other like culture evolves: music with poetry and opera, literature with film and history. Fusion, the state or act of being united, brings the diverse programs of the complex into potential crystallizations. It is a dynamic programmatic union with overlapping and flexible connections. Shifts in program coalesce with turns and twists in plan and section. Collaboration with Steven Holl Architects (All rights reserved.)

Architecture / Design 1999
Duration-still1999 Duration 3:5

Duration 3:5 is an "abstract painting" of the desert landscapes around Tucson, Arizona. With the strange effects of Solange Fabiao's original "oscillation" camera technique, the color and light effects are a mysterious meditation on the tragedy of the Saguaro.'

Video 1999

Design Collaboration with Steven Holl Architects – 1999 (all rights reserved)
Received Honorary Mention from SAFA in 1999 (Finnish Association of Architects)
The new center for the town of Vuosaari is a double tower forming a gateway on a raised plaza facing the horizon of the Gulf of Finland. The tilt of the earth's axis, 23.5 degrees, defines the geometry of the towers. (T.23.5° and T.90°) Vuosaari, near Helsinki, the northern most metropolis on earth, is a place where the northern end of the earth's axis always points to the same place (North Star.)

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Architecture / Design 1999
BlackPearl1999 Black Pearl

This collection of videos is improvisational and was filmed during a trip to French Polynesia in 1999. These 'video-segments' show the spirit of an island, which inspired and influenced Paul Gauguin. His artistic spirit has transformed Hiva-Oa - fusing art with nature.

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Video 1999
Aparecer Aparecer

Aparecer is a series of sunrise/sunsets filmed in diverse locations around the world. It refers to synchronicity, time – imaging & audio dependence.

Beijing, Beirut, Chaco canyon, Florence, Rhinebeck, Rhine region, Skagway, Taos, Tokyo and Wolfsbünen.

Video 1999 -
OracletoGlobe99 From Oracle to Globe

Driving from Oracle to Globe.
At arrival the town is completely in the dark.
It is Christmas time and a light parade has just started in Arizona.

Video 1999
After-the-Storm After the Storm (We go outside)

Some times Nature reacts and shows its power. A Storm, wind and rain turn trees down.
What wishes Nature? After the storm, we go outside. We see a turbulent nature. Nature against itself? Nature.
In April 1997 trees were dropped in a Storm in Upstate New York. Mostly cedar trees were broken showing their interior (a dark red circle inside of a natural wood color circle).

The weekend storm dropped a load of Sierra cement that broke the backs of trees and power lines throughout areas east of Placerville, hitting the Pollock Pines (PP) area hardest.

Transconstruction is a series of sculptures that recycles Nature.

Materials/Media: cedar tree

Conceptual - various mediums 1998
instantTouch InstantTouch

A passage from one state or mode to another. Spatial__circumstantial change.
seduction, surprise, attraction, moments, strangeness, pleasure...
Due to its flesh-like consistancy the Gel awakens us with a strangeness - the strangeness of relating to objects that are not as distant from us as they usually are. A surprise, during the act of touching, bringing out the presence of an object.
INSTANTtouch Gel
is the pleasure/surprise of touching a body like object for an instant.

Materials/Media: conceptual text in response to studies for the new material levagel

Conceptual - various mediums 1998
CosmicBasketball Cosmic Basketball

Cosmic Basketball is an audio piece created in response to the Hubble Telescope imagery. The piece consists of three soundtracks from basketball activities in a gymnasium: group training, solo and game. The collected sound mirrors cosmic activities, bouncing stars, rings and holes – energetic planetary and galactic interactions.

Materials/Media: audio piece

Audio piece 1998
neologismo-aflito Neologismo Aflito


Materials/Media: Random poetry

Poetry / Text 1998
internal-sunrise Internal Sunrise – Miami Heat Arena

Lighting design concept for L'Observatoire International lighting consultant

The transformation from day to night, and its opposite, is one of the most exciting occurrences in light nature. We can compare this rising energy to a game played in a stadium where passion grows and modulates in intensity for the duration of the event...
...An inner sunrise manifests two different dimensions:
-A surrounding one means to feel and perceive the gradual changes of light in an intimate way: in corridors and in changing floor levels inside the stadium.
-A contemplative one which means to watch this inner sunrise from the outside, through the facade.
Our intention, as well, is to connect this evolutionary energy of the sunrise, in light, directly to sport events. Through a sound detector system, the public's emotional reaction to the game will be captured and displayed on the stadium exterior. The light of the outer crystal ring will become brighter and more intense during impassioned moments of the game. It will appear as if the sun were rising during such instants.

a sunrise in the middle of the night.

Materials/Media: Lighting design concept

Architecture / Design 1997
unsolid-sculpture Unsolid Sculptures

Series of photographs - a hand full of non-solid sculptures are thrown like "búzios."(BR)

Materials/Media: vinyl and staples

Photography 1997
White-Streets White Streets – Falling Leaves

Series of prints composed by selected images of the photography series "White Streets", "Falling Leaves" and photographs taken from TV screen of Andrei Tarkovsky's film The Looking Glass (1972)

Materials/Media: Iris prints and large format xerox on watercolor paper

Digital print 1997
UAT-17 Unique in Architectural Time – Kiasma

New York - 1998 / photographs - Helsinki - 1997

Last year I photographed 'Kiasma,' Steven Holl's contemporary art museum, under construction. It was June I think, and the building was already in a very developed phase. The internal shapes were beginning to show, still very mysterious...
Steven Holl had an interview for a film about him and his work, their idea was to follow him during the inspection of the construction site with the local architects and the following of this tour was my first contact with the building. In a peripheral way, I accompanied the tour through Kiasma Underconstruction.

Unique in Architectural Time
Apprehension / instantaneous perception
Circumstantial enchantment - Architecture in Time
Oblique Vision of Space- A none space? Photography
Emotional Photography

The pictures show a moment of a museum before it turns to be final. The views are very particular, some really abstract others romantic. It is a very active series, where 4 rolls of b/w photographs were taken in less then 2 hours.

Photography 1997
Falling-Leaves Falling Leaves

Photograph series of falling leaves.
Image - Central Park - New York

Materials/Media: Black and White photograph

Photography 1997
watercolor1998 Watercolor Series


Materials/Media: watercolor on paper

Painting 1997
Bracketing-Section MoMA Renovation Charette

As an artist consultant for this project Fabião main contribution was the one of raising MoMA's garden to the second level of the building creating a mega-underground gallery space that was entitled Orpheus and a series of smaller galleries increasing museum's area and diversity of space.
(All rights reserved to SHA)

Materials/Media: watercolor by Steven Holl

Architecture / Design 1997
CC Cyberclone 2000

Also part in the category of Global and Public art, CC was presented at the 1997 Venice Biennial. It is a 1996 piece, an early concept for social networking. It addresses the complexity of what is virtual as well as the understanding of similarity and difference. The project was idealized in 1996 before the occurrence of the first cloning. Fabião's work has many times pointed to tendencies, what will enter into our field of perception. Another good example is 1996 Washer Series. By looking at this series we acquire "a link in the mind," this global element stays permanently connected to art. It brings information about connectivity/abandonment, similarity/difference and the instant of perception for the passer by.

Materials/Media: Internet based project and mixed media

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Conceptual - various mediums 1996 -
cone-boy-variation Cone Boy Variation

At this phase Fabião was very inspired by figures from P.T. Barnum Circus which turned to be part in the works of Cyberclone 2000, The Building And The Boy, Big Woman, Cone Boy Variation and Cone Problem Found.

Cone Boy Variation is composed by 9 prints that are digitally rendered and printed through large format Xerox to watercolor Rag paper size 30” x 22”

Xerox on specified paper 1996
washer Washer

Materials/Media: Photography/sculpture

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Global art / Public art 1996 -
The-building-and-the-boy1996 The Building and the Boy

Materials/Media: Computer rendering

Xerox on specified paper 1996
ConeProbFound Cone Problem Found

The piece is composed of nine large format Xerox copies (22x30") on two different tones of rag paper.

A Series of 9 large sized Xerox copies of photographs of Berlin and New York, as well sections of images of Newspapers, transformed headline from ’Jornal do Brasil' and 'Daily news' and a figure of P. T. Barnum circus- 'the Coneboy.'
Like a story board, CPF is formed of facts and perception, where the connection of imaginative imagery, intuition and communication composes a 'triple-engaged reality.' Here there are three basic events and a connecting other. The series of 'a árvore' is a series of photographs of a tree in different seasons. The interesting occurrence in this series is that in 1994 someone has transplanted this tree to a new environment leaving the old place untouched and without the tree -Berlin 1990-94. The other domain is the NY experience of the 'clone problem,' association of 'the building and the boy,' cone and cone, cone and clone, building and none, etc.
Absence here connects to semblance (tree/boy /no/tree /the building /etc).
"The Coneboy,' a tale figure(fourth 'reality'), makes the bridge between this three realities in a humorous way connecting the third point - 'the Giant Woman and the Boy' and the alternated Headline 'The c(l)one problem found', ('realm of communication') to 'the Tree' (intuition /fate) and 'cone/clone' (imaginative imagery).

Xerox on specified paper 1996
Cone-Boy Cone Boy

Materials/Media: Watercolor on paper

Painting 1996
CB-on-gips Cone Boy

Materials/Media: Computer rendering printed on primed paper

Xerox on specified paper 1996
sonho-boy-building The Building and the Boy

A storm of disconnected images and information scramble in my mind. Suddenly two images are associated - a figure, Goya's soldier, the boy, Manet's Fifer! With the building beside the clock-tower.

Conceptual - various mediums 1996
study-for-paintings1995 New York Early Paintings

Study for oil painting

Xerox on specified paper 1995
Zufall-Poesie1994 Zufall Poesie

Zufall Poesie – O poema e definido por um jogo com numeros ao acaso, atraves de um sistema (em desenvolvimento no decorrer do processo) que aponta palavras e significados num dicionário.
Cada pagina tem uma copia que e torna original por autenticacao.
A copia e independente do original através de numeração e qualidade.
Carimbos autenticam as páginas.
Caracter de documento.

The poem is defined by a game with numbers and chance, through a system (developed in the progress of the piece) that points out words and meanings in a dictionary. Each page has a carbon copy that is turned by authentication into an original .
The copy is independent from the original through numeration and quality. Stamps authenticate the pages.
It has a character of a document.

Materials/Media: type-righter paper and carbon copied print, envelope

Poetry / Text 1994
passport89-95 Passaporte – Rio > Berlin > New York

Xerox copies from S.F. passport covering the years of 1989 to 1994.
18 pages

Materials/Media: Xerox on semi-matte paper

Xerox on specified paper 1994
cleaning-pissoire Cleaning (original) pissoire

at Martin Gropius Bau Berlin

Photography 1993
peggy-guggenheim-1993 Series M

Homage a Peggy - Series M
A painting composed by 4 canvases based on "Untitled (Suprematist Composition)," by Kazimir Malevich, oil on canvas, circa 1916 from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

Materials/Media: Oil on canvas

Painting 1993
Die-Witwe Die Witwe

Letters - Berlin
Shows a woman who lost her husband without ever have being married to him. The text is a dialogue with her niece, her own self trying to understand loss, distance and what is that is part in this special situation. The piece is composed of four letters in which text and images are the same but the moment of when each letter was written is different and therefore every letter caries an autonomous character even if with the same content (time and repetition- the subject). The relation between these four letters defines the composition where the meaning of the text has less weight than its visual counterpart, it intends to transmit sensations of loss, absence, distance and passion.

Materials/Media: Xerox, ink and tape on paper

Xerox on specified paper 1992
bacchen-1991 Die Bacchen

The set design for The Bacchae by Euripides was envisioned for an old Berlin loft-like theater. The stage was divided in two rooms. A frontal rectangular room and at the center in the back a vaulted square room.

"The Bacchae is the royal palace of Thebes, where Pentheus has succeeded his grandfather, Cadmus, as king...

... To worship Dionysus, the Chorus sings, followers need only to crown themselves with ivy, wear deer skins lined with goat hair, carry the branches of oak and fir trees, delight in the bounty of the vine, and make ritual animal sacrifices. If they do, the land will overflow with natural beauty and riches—fawns and goats, wine and honey".

Materials/Media: Tubular structure, metal plates and metal-grid flooring create the royal palace in the back room. In the front room wired mesh panels are covered with dirt as well as the floor

Set Design 1991
Am-Strand1993 Am Strand

Series of photograph taken in 1993 at Berlin Mitte, Germany. Fabião first series of photographs portraits her impression of that time.

Materials/Media: Black and White photograph

Photography 1991
untitled1990 Untitled

Duptych canvases " Positive and Negative in the Darkness" said critic Reiner Borgemeister

Materials/Media: Oil on canvas (black and white image posted)

Painting 1991
The-Tree-1991-1994 A Árvore

The Tree is a factual story initiated by an intuition, based on the strong attraction I had to a tree, its situation and shape. I started periodically to take pictures of it. It took four years to have the work completed and at first I didn’t expect it to become an artwork. This tree had a homogeneity and balance very different from the trees I was used to. The local climate emphasized even more this divergence, giving this tree a new form in every season throughout the year. The environment of where this tree was located was peculiar. A tree, alone in the middle of a triangular stone masonry, in front of a narrow and deep parking lot. In the background “My Building” POST GIRO POST, one of the rare tall buildings in Berlin between Kreuzberg and the center of West Berlin.
This environment aroused my curiosity. I took pictures of the tree in different seasons and years, until when passing once again by the site for my surprise the tree wasn’t there any longer! The situation, historical as well as physical, made this tree somehow fragile. There was something subtle there, in one hand difficult to grasp and on the other difficult to escape from for the attentive observers.
This book is formed by a sequence of instants in which a logic (an internal logic) pulls the attention of the observer but just if he/she has truly an interest.

Materials/Media: Xerox mounted in long book format

Xerox on specified paper 1991 -
who-is-afraid-1 Who is afraid?

Prototype for sculpture

Materials/Media: Pigment in Plexiglas encasement - model

Sculpture / Installation 1991
Berlin1991 Untitled

Berlin 1991

Materials/Media: Oil on canvas

Painting 1991
die-fuzzys-in-der-Stadt--Berlin-1990 Die Fuzzies In der Stadt: “Das Dingsda mit dem Geld”

The set is formed by a collage of a combination of diverse materials in papier-mâché attached on a self-standing wooden grid. The design incorporates elements from the contemporary city like Berlin's fernsehen turm (TV tower) with the ones of the Futurism Movement of the early 20th Century and with a typical Berlin hinterhoff (backyard) scenario. Every panel has two leaves that are mounted together one on top of the other making it an easy arrangement for a tour theater. The left folding screen turns 180 degrees to reveal a interior space, home of the Fuzzies. "Ein fetziges Großstadtabenteuer für Leute ab 6 Jahren."

Materials/Media: mixed media

Set Design 1990
Painting1989 Untitled

Dream - 1990
Digging in the dirt with my hands. An image shows: The open square and the twisted open.

Materials/Media: Acrylic and sand on unprimed canvas

Painting 1990
gegen-stand91 Gegen Stand

gegenstand - object, subject, item, article, topic, thing, theme
gegen - against, to, towards, for, toward, versus, compared with, around, into, in comparison with, near, round about, getting on for
stand - was, state, level, status, booth, position, balance, class, score, stall, station, rank, estate, footing, standing position, profession, quality, place to stand

The word ‘Gegenstand’ is often translated as ‘object.’ It literally means ‘that which stands over against.’

German has two words for ‘object’, Objekt and Gegenstand , but only one for ‘subject’, Subjekt. Objekt comes from the Latin obiectum , literally what is thrown or placed against (ob); Gegenstand is Germanic and means literally what stands against ( gegen ).

Materials/Media: Acrylic and sand on paper

Painting 1990
sand-and-black-Berlin-92 Diagonal System

see description on Diagonal System 1987 - 1993

Materials/Media: Acrylic and sand on canvas - same painting in two arrangements

Painting 1990
Berlin-Paintings1a Untitled

Series of paintings from Berlin period of 1989 to 1994

Materials/Media: Acrylic on unprimed canvas

Painting 1989
Berlin-1989-SF-1 Berlin Studio during the Fall of the Berlin Wall

In November 1989, in the month of the Fall of the Berlin Wall Fabião was in full development of the "Diagonal System."
The project reconfigures sectioned parts of the mirrored diagonally defined spaces.

Conceptual - various mediums 1989
Perseguicao-two-views Perseguição de Zero a “N”

The image shows a rendering for the set design for the play Perseguição de Zero a N by Timochenko Webi in Rio de Janeiro. The set was a combination of a white translucent plastic material (back layer) and a screen, like a metallic net material in grey in the foreground which were set apart by 20 cm. The two cylinders were made out of the net alone and were hollow, actors entered them during the play. It was a labyrinth where the main curve sloped down while following the wavy movement.

Materials/Media: Rendering for set design- acrylic and sand on paper. Only remaining photograph of the play.

Set Design 1988
Valsa-no.6-1988 Valsa No. 6

This set design addresses the opposition of the rigid and the dynamic; solid vertical and paired columns with the oblique light see-through elements with variable directions. It is around this time that Fabião starts to develop her studies about the diagonal, creating her first conceptual series entitled "Diagonal System" 1987 - 1993.

Materials/Media: White Tulle on black painted wooden frame and two solid vertical wood columns painted in grey

View Project
Set Design 1988
on-Paper-1988 Works on Paper

Series of works on paper in the late 1980's

Materials/Media: charcoal and acrylic on paper and tape

Painting 1988
sketch-Entre4paredes Entre Quatro Paredes

Entre Quatro Paredes (No Exit) is a 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre. The set was designed and executed for a theater festival in Brazil in 1989. It's intention is to suggest an enclosed space. It is built out of tulle and wood frame. There are as stage elements a floating sculpture which is made out of a gips minimal mask placed in front of an empty picture frame and 4 cubes as seats. The tulle-set is a platform for lighting as well. It is a pragmatic set that reflects the demand for transportation and construction in several types of theaters and in short periods of time.

Materials/Media: pencil on paper - 20 x 20 cm

Set Design 1988
vclip-1988-Roberto-Carlos Roberto Carlos Musical

From 1984 to 1988 Fabião worked as set designer for the Brazilian Network Rede Globo, including TV programs are "Viva o Gordo", "Fantástico Musical" and "Armação Ilimitada."

Materials/Media: Set-design for Television

Set Design 1987
sketch-90 Diagonal System

It was in the end of the 80’s when I realized my first conceptual art project that I call "Diagonal System.” Initialized in Rio de Janeiro and finalized in Berlin it consisted of a search for the mediation between 2D and 3D: the diagonal.

Problematic of representation of space – perspective
Exhaustion of bidimensionality
Pursue of a form
Mediacy of bidimensionality and representation of space = diagonal
Synthesis of the abstract-representative space – I froze the diagonal as symbol, element that represents space on a plane.
The second diagonal = figuration of spatialization perspective-planar
(The encounter with the second- mirrored diagonal occurred in Germany)

Systematization – segmentation / sectioning and reorganization of the parts
Virtual space (computational)
Abstract representation systematic finite / infinite
Dynamic of associated parts and possible orders – articulated in a possible space

Materials/Media: sketch - acrylic, sand and graphite on paper - 1989

Conceptual - various mediums 1987 -
Todos-os-que-caem Todos os que Caem

Todos os que Caem (All that Fall)
By Samuel Beckett (1957)

Illustration for radio play
Rio de Janeiro - 1987

Materials/Media: Acrylic on watercolor paper - 13 1/2 x 19 1/2”

Painting 1987
Teatro-NO-1987 Teatro NÔ

To be inserted soon

Set Design 1987
Man-and-the-chair The Man and the Chair

A theme that has been explored by Fabião through out the years.

Materials/Media: Sketch - ink on paper

Painting 1987
early-painting-ca.1984 Untitled

Since very early age Fabião(left) has been commited to the fine arts considering painting a lifetime activity. She has periodically painted in mediums like oil, acrylic and watercolor.

Materials/Media: Acrylic on canvas

Painting 1984